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Five Arrested by Vietnam Police for Trafficking Tiger and Elephant Bones

Hanoi police Department confiscated 10 tiger skeletons, 340 sacks labbeled gall bladder and 600kg of elephant bones in what is believed a bust on the largest trafficking ring of animal parts in Ha Noi. Five suspects were arrested.
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422 live Clouded Monitor Lizards seized

Malaysian wildlife authorities, following a tip-off, seized 422 live endangered Monitor Lizards from an inspected lorry in Southern Johor State. Two suspects were arrested.
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Huge seizure of 900kg of animal bones and parts in Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi Environmental Police Department, after a tip-off, confiscated almost 900kg of animal bones and animal parts in three different locations in Hanoi.  More than 120 kg of tiger bones, 2 bear skulls, iory tusks, leopard skulls and many other wildlife parts were recovered.
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Indonesia’s Enforcement Agencies and Port Authorities Work Together to End Wildlife Trafficking

Thousands of passengers and tonnes of cargo pass through Southeast Asia’s seaports and airports every day. While most of this movement of goods is legal, wildlife traffickers and organized criminal syndicates increasingly use the region’s ports as major hubs for the illegal wildlife trade. Indonesia, which is home to vast array of endangered and protected species, makes it a very attractive location for wildlife traffickers in search of rare commodities.

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