ASEAN Wildlife Enforcement Network

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Indonesia’s Enforcement Agencies and Port Authorities Work Together to End Wildlife Trafficking

Thousands of passengers and tonnes of cargo pass through Southeast Asia’s seaports and airports every day. While most of this movement of goods is legal, wildlife traffickers and organized criminal syndicates increasingly use the region’s ports as major hubs for the illegal wildlife trade. Indonesia, which is home to vast array of endangered and protected species, makes it a very attractive location for wildlife traffickers in search of rare commodities.

Elite Ranger Force Trained to Protect Indonesia’s Forests

(JAWA BARAT, September 17, 2010) – Despite the designation of protected areas, Indonesia’s forests remain under constant threat from poaching and illegal logging to supply international demand for timber and wildlife. To strengthen the capacity of law enforcement officers to stop poaching, illegal logging and illegal wildlife trade, the ASEAN Wildlife Enforcement Network (ASEAN-WEN), the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) and FREELAND Foundation are assisting Indonesia’s Directorate of Investigation and Forest Protection to train officers from protected areas across Indonesia.


Suspect Arrested by Royal Thai Police for Illegally Selling 7 Slow Lorises and 8 Sugar Gliders

The Royal Thai Police arrested a suspect in Pattaya for illegally selling 7 Slow Lorises along with 8 Sugar Gliders.
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Man Arrested in Singapore for Attempting to Export 11 Live Oriental White-Eye Birds

Singapore's Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) arrested a man for attempting to export 11 live Oriental White-Eye birds (mata puteh) in his sling bag at Singapore's Changi Airport. The suspect allegedly intended to sell the contraband items to a bird shop in Telok Blangah, Indonesia

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