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Illegal Snake Trade Seized in Border Areas in Myanmar

(Nay Phi Taw, Myanmar) January 2011, Myanmar has reported seizures of snakes attempted to be illegally traded in border areas connecting Myanmar to China and Thailand.


On January 14, 2011, 823 snakes (Ptyas mucosus) concealed in a box inside a light truck vehicle were confiscated at 16 miles checkpoint in Mandalay Division. Also on the same day, 649 (Viper spp.) and 230 (Naja spp.) snakes in 219 boxes concealed under layers of bricks inside a medium truck vehicle were seized at the One Stop Service near Pyin Oo Lwin. The direction of the two vehicles containing the snakes was towards the border to China


In another case, one vehicle carrying 30 boxes of a variety of snakes (Viper spp., Naja spp., Ptys mucosus) was seized in a checkpoint in Kaw Ka Rate next to Myawady border gate at the Myanmar-Thai border. The snakes were allegedly headed to be traded in Thailand.


The seizure team consisted of officers from the Forest Department, the Police and the General Administrative Department.


Presently, the Forest Department has taken action under the section (35-a) of Protection of Wildlife and Protected Areas Law (1994), where, under said law, convicted wildlife offenders stand to face up to 3 years imprisonment or fine which can extend to 100,00 kyats, or both.


All live snakes were immediately released to their natural habitat.



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